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NEW ARTIST - Gert Swillens


We're proud to announce Gert Swillens has joined our amazing catalogue of artists...

Gert Swillens was born in Halle in 1968 and studied Image-Sound-Editing at the RITCS (School of Arts) in Brussels. He has been working as a cameraman for the VRT (the Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Organization) since 1993.

About 5 years ago, he suddenly became truly inspired by photography. Despite the gained experience as a cameraman, a completely new creative world was opening up to him. His self-taught discovery came through autodidactic books, online tutorials, workshops, etc… Most times Gert feels rather like an observer than a true photographer. Hence his true passion for everyday people in street photography (as well as concert and event photography and portraits). He often feels the urge to share what he sees and feels, through his eyes and through his photos. His shoots are never planned, but more like chance encounters.

You can check out his work right here.

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