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NEW ARTIST - Alain Trellu


We're proud to announce Alain Trellu has joined our amazing catalogue of artists...

The designer Alain Trellu dedicates his activities to several domains of visual expression, characterized by his exceptional view on the world. As an artist working with multimedia, his path reveals a permanent search for diversification of supports. Far from conventional and consensual codes of the academism, he explores territories where he lets his sensible look tame the unnamable. He blends himself at the heart of the mystery of elements, glaring at the indomitable grace of light.

A poet in harmony with natural elements, he tries to capture the moment like a gift of life.

His work, proof of onirism and bordering on the surrealistic, plays with the hazardous natural distortions of light. Those distortions become a way to compose incredible spectral images. The mirage, between real and virtual, painting and photograph, shade and light, catches and sculpts the light in a pictorial way.

In his urban journeys, he takes possession of the city and changes the urban landscape to fiction, where the imaginary translates to pictorial abstraction. He captures its quintessence to deliver us an ultimate abstract interpretation.We're proud to announce Alain Trellu has joined our amazing catalogue of artists...

An experienced travel guide by trade with an exceptional eye for detail and composition, worlds deemed by many as foreign or exotic hold no secret to Bernard and his well-trained sense of perception. From all corners of the globe, this artist brings us vignettes of culture and charm, telling tales of very different fates and faiths, united by a human condition that defines our very identity on the roads we all travel.

You can check out his work right here.

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